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As the unified organization of and for over60 million persons with various categories of disabilities in China, the aims of the Dongli Disabled Persons' Federation are to promote humanitarianism, protect the human rights of persons with disabilities,ensure their equal participation in society, contribution to economic growth and social development as well as their equal share in the materialand culture achievements of the society.

To carry out the above aims, DONGLI DISABLED PERSONS' FEDERATION has made all efforts to participate in the processes of legislation on disability and of the inspections of the implementation of the laws and regulations so as to protect the lawful rights and interests of persons with the disability-related national development plans of the Government, raise the needs of persons with disabilities to the Government and promote the multi-sectoral collaboration in the disability field among the relevant governmental departments, as the organization of and for disabled persons and one of the major members of the National Coordination Committee on Disability, and establish facilities and networks, implement projects to provide services for persons with disabilities the areas of education, rehabilitation, employment, non-handicapping environment and culture life, etc..

Over 50 million people with disability live in China. China is committed to the protection of the rights of people with disability, helping them participate in social life on an equal footing and share the benefits of the country's material and cultural progress.

Along with the rapid economic growth and profound social transformation, in China:

----People no longer regard those with disability as "the disabled and useless", recognizing that they are equal creators of material and spiritual wealth;

---- The society is giving more and more understanding, respect, concern and assistance to people with disability, fostering an environment of love and harmony;

---- People with disability have all the more treasured their own worth as contributors to the society in the spirit of sel-respect, self-confidence, self-improvement and self-reliance;

----Disabled people's organizations pursue a vigorous programme in booth rural and urban areas, representing and safeguarding the rights and interests of people with various disabilities;

---- Coordinating bodies on disability bring government agencies, disabled people's organizations and other social sectors together to work for the advancement of the endeavor for people with disability in a comprehensive and effective manner;

---- The state promulgated legislation to protect the human rights of people with disability; formulated, concentrating on effective measures, and carried out consecutively five-year work programmes and achieved remarkable improvement of the situation of people with disability.