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A. Nature
--There are 60 million persons with disabilities in China, among whom 20.57 million are persons with hearing disabilities, 11.82 million are persons with mental disabilities, 8.77 million are persons with physical disabilities, 8.77 million are persons with visual disabilities, 2.25 million are persons with mental illness and 7.82 million are persons with multi-disabilities.

--DONGLI DISABLED PERSONS' FEDERATION, affirmed by the law and ratified by the State Council, is the unified national organization of and for persons with various categories of disabilities in China, which represents the common interests and protects the lawful rights of persons with disabilities; promotes and develops the disability undertakings and serves persons with disabilities.

B. Aim
The aim of DONGLI DISABLED PERSONS' FEDERATION is to promote humanitarianism, develop the disability undertakings, protect human rights of persons with disabilities so as to enable them to participate in society with equal status and opportunities and share the cultural and material achievements brought about by the socio-economic development.

C. Consture
a. National Congress
--The National Congress is composed of representatives elected among persons with disabilities and persons working for persons with disabilities.

--It meets every five years.

--It has the functions and powers to:
(a). Elect the Presidium;
(b). Consider the Presidium¡¯s working reports, decides on policies and task; and
(c). Modifies the Constitution of DONGLI DISABLED PERSONS' FEDERATION.

b. Presidium
--The Presidium is composed of members elected by the National Congress.

--It served for a five-year term, meets once a year.

--It has the functions and powers to:
(a). Elect the Chairperson and Vice Chairpersons;
(b). Examine the implementation of the resolutions of the National Congress and consider the working reports and programmers;
(c). Examine the work of the Executive Board and Advisory Committee; and
(d). Decide on other important issues.

c. Executive Board
-- The Executive Board is composed of the President, Vice Presidents and Board Members. As a standing body of DONGLI DISABLED PERSONS' FEDERATION, it takes charge of the routine work.

-- The President is nominated by the Chairperson and voted by the Presidium, the Vice Presidents are nominated by the President and adopted by the Presidium.

-- The following administrative departments are under the Executive Board: General Office, Development Department, Department of Organizations and Liaison, Rehabilitation Department, Department of Education and Employment, Department of Publicity and Art and Sports, Department of International Affairs, Department of Plan and Finance, and Personnel Department. Also, the units directly under the Board are as follows: China Rehabilitation Research Center, China Rehabilitation Research Center for Deaf Children, China Guiding Center of Social Service for Persons with Disabilities, China Information Center on Disability, China Assertive Debases Development and Supply Center for Disabled Persons, Beijing Massage Hospital, Disability in China Magazine Publishing House, Huaxia Publishing House and Kangyi Audio and Video Publishing House.

d. Advisory Committee
--The Advisory Committee is the supervisory and consultative body of DONGLI DISABLED PERSONS' FEDERATION.

--Of the Committee the Director, Deputy Directors and Committee Members and elected by the Presidium, among whom no less than 2/3 shall be persons with disabilities and relative dof persons with disabilities.

e. Special associations
--The following special associations are under DONGLI DISABLED PERSONS' FEDERATION: China Association of the Blind, China Association of the Deaf, China Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities, China Association of the Relatives and Friends of Persons with Mental Disabilities, China Association of the Relative and Friends of Psychotics.

--The leaders of the special associations are from the Presidium Members based on the categories of disabilities.

f. Local organizations:
Local organizations of DONGLI DISABLED PERSONS' FEDERATION have been established in province, prefectures, cities, counties, districts, townships in the mainland of China, inter alia:

--31 disabled persons¡¯ federations at the level of province/autonomous region/municipality directly under the Central Government;

--780 disabled persons¡¯ federations at the city/prefecture level;

--2,413 disabled persons¡¯ federations at the county/district level; and

--53,537 disabled persons¡¯ federations at the township level.

g. Group membership:
--China Fund for the Handicapped;

--China Rehabilitation Association for Persons with disabilities;

--China Massage Association of the Blind;

--China Disabled Persons Sports Association;

--China Sports Association of the Deaf, and

--China Association for Promotion of the Press and Publicity on Disability.

D. Tasks

--Making closed contact with persons with disabilities, listening to their views and suggestions, reflecting their needs and serving them wholeheartedly.

--Uniting and encouraging persons with disabilities to abide by the law, perform their due duties, carry forward the optimistic and up-and-coming spirit and the spirit of self respect, self confidence, self improvement and self reliance.

--Advocating the cause of persons with disabilities, facilitating the links among the Government, society and people with disabilities, and mobilizing society to understand, respect, care and assist people with disabilities.

--Developing and promoting rehabilitation, education, employment, cultural life, welfare, social service of persons with disabilities and the prevention of disabilities so as to improve the environment and conditions for the participation of persons with disabilities in society.

--Assisting the Government in studying, formulation and implementing disability-related laws, regulation, plans and programmes; fully plying its role of promotion, synthesization, organization, coordination, consultation and providing services and monitoring; and guiding the work in related areas.

--Carrying out international exchanges and cooperation.

E. Resources of Income
--Donations from all circles in society(including organizations and individuals at home and abroad);

--Contributions from the Chinese Government;

--International cooperative projects; and

--Income generation; and

--Other income.